Best Webcams for Online Classes, Webinars, Conferences, Youtubers India 2021

Best Webcams for Online Classes, Webinars, Conferences, Youtubers India 2021

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A webcam is an addon to your setup which can be used for online classes, webinars, conferences, streaming, and recording videos. Work and study from home have been normalized in the global pandemic, and everyone needs a decent webcam for various uses, whether professional or personal. Webcam can come in handy when you want to make Skype calls or zoom meetings or if you want to take live classes on Google meet.

While there are plenty of options in the market, we have found out the most reliable and useful webcams for you. Regardless of what you need, we have to find the right webcam for your usage and requirements and take a plunge.

1.Logitech C920S

The Logitech C920S is the best plug-and-play, easy-to-use Webcams for Online Classes,  Webinars, Conferences,  Youtubers. It is ideal for live streaming, video class, or when you want to catch your friends and family online. It comes with precise controls which enable you to change various settings for best results.

The Logitech C920S is a slight update from C920, which is an 8-year-old webcam. So, it adds up some extra features such as a privacy cover, a higher frame rate, and more. Also, it offers a great audio and video experience at an affordable price.

The Logitech C920S is very similar to the 8-year-old C920. It has a matte body design with black plastic, and it comes with a glass panel for protecting the camera lens. The camera is equipped with 2 omnidirectional mics for an immersive audio experience.

The Logitech C920S is equipped with an L-shaped grip that will let you mount it on the top of a monitor or a laptop screen. Additionally, you can mount it on a tripod stand, as it supports a tripod mount. The camera weighs around 162 grams which is pretty heavy. The only thing you may not like about the webcam is the privacy cover, a basic plastic clip that you can easily pull out unknowingly.

The Logitech C920S has to be the best webcam as it has premium features like autofocus and auto light adjustments which help during nighttimes when you are on a Skype or Zoom meeting. Logitech has used its RightLight 2 technology for the best results.

Furthermore, the Logitech C920S comes with a variety of settings that you can adjust with the help of Logitech Capture software. You can change frame rates, exposure, focus, white balance, and plenty of other options.

This webcam is best for YouTubers as it lets you record from multiple sources simultaneously, which helps in overlaying when streaming or recording a video game.


  • Record videos at 1080p 60 FPS.
  • The field of view (FOV) is 78 degrees.
  • Light correction.
  • 2 front-facing mic.
  • 5 feet long Type-C cable.
  • Clip mount.
  • Logitech Capture software.
  • Built-in image stabilization.


  • Easy autofocus.
  • Decent audio quality.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • 1080 video recording.


  • Flimsy privacy cover.

Why should you buy it?

If you want a Webcams for Online Classes, Webinars, Conferences, Youtubers, the Logitech C920S webcam is the best option that you can have. Logitech has priced the webcam relatively lower and has justice by providing premium features like AutoFocus, lighting adjustments, and more.

2.Logitech BRIO

The Logitech BRIO the best webcam on our list. It is equipped with various premium features like high-quality videos, HDR support, dual omnidirectional mic, and more. The Logitech Brio is suitable for video professionals as it supports 4K video recording.

The Logitech BRIO is a classy webcam with a glossy black from a metallic body. The front side of the webcam is made up of high-quality material, along with the camera lens in the center. The Logitech BRIO weighs around 63 grams which are relatively lower compared to other webcams on our list.

The Logitech BRIO webcam comes with a tripod screw mount in the center and a USB-C port at the back. The worst part about the Logitech BRIO webcam is the flimsy privacy cover and the lens flap. These 2 things don’t match up with the premium look of the webcam but also degrades the looks.

The privacy cover and flap are made up of rubbery plastic, which is a dust magnet and easily catches the dust. The webcam cable is thick, and you can plug it into the USB-C port on the back of the webcam for connectivity. The cable is just 5 feet long and more than enough for all your needs. Moreover, the cable is detachable.

The best part about the Logitech BRIO webcam is yet to come. The webcam is equipped with a 4k sensor that records videos at the resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels, which is surprisingly the highest on our list. A very few webcams support 4k video recording, and the Logitech BRIO is one of them.

None of the software or video calling apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype supports 4K video calling. But this resolution comes in handy when you want to be a gamer, so this camera is especially for gamers and streamers who want to stream online in 4K at 60 FPS. This camera is more than sufficient for users who are looking for a 1080p camera.

Another best part of this webcam is that it supports 90 FPS records if you want to record in 720p resolution, which is relatively lower. The quality of the videos from BRIO is just excellent. The colors are punchy, and the HDR support overwhelms the video.


  • Suitable for conferencing, recording, and streaming.
  • It captures 4k videos.
  • High Dynamic Range support.
  • Automatic lighting adjustments.
  • USB 3,0 support.
  • 4k streaming and recording.
  • HD 5x zoom.
  • Certified for Skype.


  • Quality of material.
  • Face recognition.
  • Better camera quality.


  • Software is not good.

Why should you buy it?

The Logitech BRIO is an overwhelming webcam for those who want a Webcams for Online Classes,  Webinars, Conferences,  Youtubers, and calling. But if you are a student who wants a webcam for online classes and streaming and gaming, the Logitech BRIO is for you.

3. MEVO Plus

The MEVO Plus is another best webcam streaming and conferencing. The webcam has a large field of view which records amazing videos. This webcam is suitable for gamers and bloggers as it supports 4K recording at a higher resolution. The images and videos of the webcam look punchy and real. The camera also supports a battery, so you can charge it with a USB cable and use it without worrying about power when required.

The Mevo plus webcam can easily record high-quality videos in 4K resolution with a 150-degree field of view. For webinars, conferencing, and streaming, a 150-degree field of view is more than sufficient. This camera can be compared to the Logitech C922X Pro webcam, which is a premium ranged webcam.

You won’t like the Mevo Plus webcam because if you are broadcasting or streaming, you will be forced into 1080p unless you use a microSD card.

The Mevo Plus webcam has a dedicated mobile application and a PC application, and you can connect to the camera through Wi-Fi and record video standing far. You can configure settings when you are using the mobile or desktop application.

When it comes to the battery use of the webcam, then it can run with a battery or without a battery using a USB cable. The battery use of the webcam lets you stream or vlog when you are running out of electricity.


  • It supports 4K and 1080p videos.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • 11ac Wi-Fi support.
  • 150-degree field of view.
  • Steam up to 1080p videos with an SD card.
  • Built-in mic.
  • 256 GB memory card included.



  • Mevo App.
  • Let’s edit in real-time.


  • Expensive

Why should you buy it?

If you want to have a webcam that comes premium features like real-time editing, sharp and crystal-clear videos, wide viewing angle, the Mevo Plus is ideal for you. The best part is that you can record videos when not using your PC with the help of your android or iPhone as it has a dedicated mobile application.

4.Logitech C930e

If you want to keep your Zoom and Skype meetings in line, the Logitech C930e is suitable for you. This is another best webcam from Logitech. It comes with a vast viewing angle and records high-quality crystal-clear videos. It catches punchy colors and objects precisely to show real videos.

The Logitech C930e is a bit more expensive than usual webcams. However, it is worth every penny you invest in it. When it comes to design and build quality, it is the sleekest webcam on our list, and the slim look gives you the advantage of a premium webcam.

The Logitech C930e uses mounting clips to get equipped on a monitor or laptop. Moreover, it comes with a 5 feet long USB cord which is more than enough for most use cases. Additionally, the webcam is equipped with 2 omnidirectional microphones that easily capture crisp audio from a long distance.

You can cover the webcam with a flippable plastic shade, which can save you from hackers. When it comes to the audio and video quality of Logitech C930e, it captures clear videos, and there will be no lag you will see in the videos. It captures great videos no matter which software you are using.

Furthermore, the Logitech C930e comes with 2 omnidirectional mic, which outperforms all the webcams on our list. You don’t need to have acoustic cushions in your room to reduce the echo, C930e will do the job. You will see an immediate effect in the sound when checking the Logitech C930e webcam. As per our testing, both mics could catch our voice from about 6 meters away, and if you stand just 1 meter away, the voice quality will be amazing.

If you want to control the webcam with the help of software, you can use the Logitech Capture Software, which has various options to configure. You can adjust use features like Auto-brightness, White balance, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and more.

The Logitech C930e supports special features like Overlaying, anti-flicker, manual or autofocus, and more.


  • 1080p recording.
  • 90 Degree extended view.
  • Skype certified webcam.
  • It records at 30 FPS.
  • 4x digital zoom.
  • High-speed USB connectivity.
  • It fits most monitors and laptops.


  • Amazing camera quality.
  • Auto-focus is great.
  • Crisp videos.


  • A little more expensive.

Why should you buy it?

The Logitech C390e is a great webcam, but it is more expensive than other webcams. However, it completely justifies the prices because it has premium features like wide-angle recording, 2 omnidirectional mics, 90 FPS, and more.

5.Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000

Microsoft has launched the desktop version of their HD-6000 webcam. It comes with minor changes, which also makes it a little inexpensive. Microsoft has launched multiple premium features like auto-focus, TrueColor Technology, digital zoom, and more.

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 is designed very well. However, this webcam doesn’t have premium features like other high-end webcams such as aluminum bodies and high-precision glass. The camera sensor sits in a basic plastic housing which doubles up as an adjustable rubber mount for various uses.

When it comes to the design and build quality of the Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000, it doesn’t have the best body and design, as the rubber mount feels a little too heavy. However, this also makes it a perfectly stable webcam for most monitors and laptops. The webcam doesn’t easily sit on a thin monitor or display because of the heavy mount.

Microsoft claims it to be optimized for use with Microsoft Windows and their software like Live Messenger. It comes with a dedicated call button that can call directly with messenger clients like Yahoo, AOL Instant Messenger, and Skype.

When it comes to special features of Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000, it has TrueColor technology, which boosts the color and images of videos, even in low lighting conditions, for the best results. If the room has enough lighting, you will be satisfied with the video quality as it will enhance the overall image with TrueColor technology. However, it is not very efficient in dark rooms.

The autofocus is one feature of this webcam that has been controversial as it doesn’t work well. It refocuses a lot and adds odd movements to the footage, which doesn’t look good. It isn’t very pleasant, especially when you are holding an object close to the webcam or changing some settings.


  • 16:9 widescreen.
  • TrueColor Technology.
  • 720p video recording.
  • Compatible with Windows 10.
  • Built-in mic.
  • Lightweight and easy to portable.
  • Skype certified.


  • Crystal clear videos.
  • Suitable for Windows software.
  • Ideal for videoconferencing.


  • Auto-focus is not good

Why should you buy it?

To sum up, the Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 is a smart Webcams for Online Classes, Webinars, Conferences, Youtubers. It delivers a decent video quality along with premium features. Moreover, the webcam is lightweight and portable, despite its plastic body and design. However, the autofocus is very slow to respond, and it seems to use a little extra CPU power.


There are many different options in the market, and picking the best would be a little confusing. We have compiled a list of the 5 best webcams suitable for most use cases. These Webcams for Online Classes,  Webinars, Conferences,  Youtubers.

All of the 5 webcams on our list are best for different use cases and purposes. But if we have to pick the best out of them all, then our pick would be the Logitech BRIO. It is an excellent webcam that records video in 4K resolution, and it remains affordable. You can’t go wrong with this webcam as it comes with a variety of premium features suitable for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you cover the webcam with a privacy shutter when not using it?

Yes, you should always cover your webcam when you are not using it. If you don’t cover the webcam with the privacy shutter, it can lead to hacking, and hackers will get access to your webcam in no time. Additionally, then you can know every bit of your activity by accessing your webcam. It can breach your privacy and lead to security risks, so never forget to cover the camera sensor with a privacy shutter.

When does the webcam light come on?

The webcam light comes on when your computer accesses the webcam. If you see the webcam light coming on even when there is no use, then your camera is being accessed by someone. It is not usual, if the webcam lighting is coming up when not in use, so make sure to cover the webcam with a privacy shutter.

What are the advantages and benefits of a webcam?

When it comes with the advantage of a webcam, then you need to know that webcams are relatively inexpensive than DSLR cameras. A webcam can help you in an important business meeting and online communication.

Is autofocus important in a webcam?

Expensive webcams usually come with auto-focus, which is to adjust the lens according. The autofocus makes sure that you are visible on the screen and don’t go out of focus, so it is important to have auto-focus in your webcam.

So, this was all about Webcams for Online Classes,  Webinars, Conferences,  Youtubers. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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