Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Mopping India 2021

  • Integrated Anti Fall- Stair Case
  • Random Cleaning Pattern.
  • Low-Noise operation.
  • Equipped With Suction Port.
  • Programmed With Remote Control Operations.
  • Programmed With Scheduled Cleaning.
  • Auto Rechargeable.
  • I-Drop Technology to Control Water usage.
  • Self Diagnosis for Error Detection.
  • Integrated with 2 Side Brushes.
  • Better Edge Cleaning of the rooms.
  • Max Mode Cleaning.
  • Programmed for Spiral Cleaning.

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How do robot vacuums work?

iLife V3 pro Robot vacuums are designed to clean and mop your home with minimal help from their owners. 

It is powered by a rechargeable battery, these cordless machines can learn their way around your room using sensors and cameras. 

They’re generally ready to dodge stairs and are sufficiently small to vacuum under low hanging furniture.

After fully recharging your iLife V3 Pro best robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping, you should be able to let it start cleaning straight away. 

It may take a couple of goes before your best robotic vacuum cleaner with mop can properly learn the layout of your room. 

They tend to ‘feel’ their way around by bumping into walls and furniture so you should leave your room as uncluttered as possible.

All but the most basic models can connect to your home network, so you can monitor and set up your cleaning regime using its related app.

This is recommended, as they’ll then be able to accept firmware updates (the software built into the vacuums) which could iron out bugs or include new features.

How much do they cost?

The iLife V3 pro best robot vacuum cleaner with mop models in our latest test range in price from 19000inr to 65000inr.

Is the best robotic vacuum cleaner and mopping worth it?

After conducting our rigorous product research physically and on the internet by our team, robot vacuum cleaners, we wouldn’t recommend any as an entire replacement for a daily stick, barrel or upright vacuum cleaner, especially in homes with carpeted floors.

However, they are great for in-between cleans and can be used on a daily basis, especially if you’ll be out of the house. Despite their autonomous nature, filters, dust bins and brushes will still need regular cleaning.

Cleaning performance on hard floors and carpet

Hardwood floorsbest robotic vacuum cleaner with mop

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners we’ve tested are excellent at cleaning hard floors – but  not always within the corners and edges.

For a house with mostly hard floors, most of the best robot vacuum cleaner with mop we’ve tested will do an inexpensive job of keeping the floors clean when run on a day to day, though a more thorough cleaning with a typical vacuum (or a broom) will still be needed occasionally.


Despite the sophisticated technology – navigation software, stair detection, cameras to detect dirt – best robotic vacuum cleaner with mop are still comparatively poor at removing dirt from the carpet.

Robot vacuum cleaners can’t generate the suction of a typical vacuum and while they will leave the carpet looking clean, below the surface tons of dirt is left behind. Over time, this will damage the pile.

In a home with carpeted floors, a best robotic vacuum cleaner with mop is ok for a tidy-up, but the carpet will need a day going-over with a typical vacuum to urge most of the dirt out.

What about pet hair?

In our tests, we’ve found robot vacuum can devour an inexpensive amount of fluff (such as pet hair) along side some dirt, but on carpet they also seem to push the remaining dirt even deeper into the pile.

What should be the features for a best robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping?

Stair detection

This feature, now standard across most models, helps the robot sense when it’s reached a ledge or step so it can backtrack and avoid a harmful tumble.

Virtual wall

An accessory want to create an invisible barrier, for blocking open doorways or other areas you do not want the robot to enter.

Programmable times

This handy function will allow you to line times of the day or week to run the robot – as an example, you’ll set it to run only while you’re away at work.

Automatic docking

When the battery charge is low the best robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping finds its way back to the charger and docks automatically. All the models in our test do that.

Noise level

Best robotic vacuum cleaner with mop are generally quieter than standard vacuum cleaners, but some have an annoying high-pitched whistle, which make a mechanical grinding noise.

This may be smaller if the robot mainly runs while you’re out of the house, but these sounds could also be loud enough to harass neighbors or scare pets.

Mopping function

Some robot vacuums even have a mopping function, but these are best fitted to light stains only.

Usually, this involves putting a little amount of water into a tank which moistens a microfiber pad that’s attached to the vacuum’s base. Some robot vacuum apps can map the space while the robot cleans.

Robot vacuum appsbest robotic vacuum cleaner with mop

All but the foremost basic best robotic vacuum cleaner with mop are smart-home enabled. They’ll hook up with your wireless router and work with a fanatical app to assist you control your cleaning schedule.

While functionality varies counting on how sophisticated the robot is, they ought to all have the essential ability to show the machines on and off or pause the cycle, and program your preferred cleaning time and frequency.

Other functions include a mapping technology to scan the area, where the robot has cleaned, cleaning log/history, manual cleaning, spot cleaning, battery status or notifications when the robot has done its job.


Some high-end robot vacuum cleaners even double as a security camera. In conjunction with an app, you’ll go online and monitor your home remotely.

Remote controlbest robotic vacuum cleaner with mop

Most models accompany a remote control to vary the settings or direct the vacuum round the room. 

iLife V5s pro best robotic vacuum cleaner with a mop:

iLife V5s pro is 2-in-1 best robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping in India, so that you can spend more time with your family at the same time.

It allows easy hair, dust and debris pickups. With wet mopping, v5s Pro easily tackles the grime and dirt on the hard floor or hardwood floors.

iLife V5s pro best robotic vacuum cleaner with mop is equipped with an enhanced brush less motor. It is programmed with a max mode, that gives 5x higher suction power on every floor type.

This best robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping is integrated with a microfiber mop cloth and large water tank. This microfiber mop cloth easily removes dirt on hard floors.

iLife V5s pro has an i-dropping technology, with multiple modes (Auto, Edge, Spot and Scheduled). These programs allow to clean according to your needs.

An auto dock and charging: iLife v5s Pro programmed in such a way, that automatically goes back to its charging dock for recharge when the battery runs robot vacuum cleaner with mop

Equipped with full set of advanced sensors which allows the best robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping for automatic cleaning for home and office.

It can easily clean large areas of  150 – 180 square meters  within 1 hrs. Just fix the timer, it will automatically start cleaning and when the battery gets low, it automatically goes back to its dock to recharge.

Equipped with an anti-collision system to protect the furniture and its height is very less so that it can clean inside the low hanging furniture.

This best robotic vacuum cleaner with mop is programmed with intelligent drop avoidance induction Infrared sensors at the bottom. iLife V5s pro recognize the barrier and avoid collision.

Integrated with 0.3L water tank capacity design that self-help ooze water for perfect mopping. It can continuously work for 120 – 150min with fully a charged battery.

It is low noise design best robotic vacuum cleaner and mopping machine which produces less than 50db.

Its 850pa strong suction capacity is sufficient for easy to absorb dust, hair, paper, and  reduce the pollution.

Two charging modes are available, automatic charging, and  manual charging. iLife V5s pro is designed with built-in 4 Li-ion batteries, which allows this best robotic vacuum cleaner and mopping for longer time.



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