Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India 2021

  • Accurate and reliable
  •  Adopts advanced technology and approved by FDA&CE.
  • Hesley Pulse Oximeter accurately determines your SpO2 and pulse rate in 5 seconds.
  • Readings are done in 30 seconds.
  • An error of both SpO2 and pulse rate are ±2% without exercise and ±3% after sport.
  • Bright OLED Multi Direction Display.
  • The large and rotatable, multi-directional display.
  • Easy Operation – The one-button operation design makes our oxygen saturation monitor simple and convenient to use.


What is a Pulse Oximeter?

An Oximeter is a device which reads the level of oxygen present in the hemoglobin of our blood.

What does SpO2 stand for?

SpO2 stands for Peripheral hemoglobin oxygen saturation. Hemoglobin is the carrier of oxygen in our blood.

How does a Pulse Oximeter works?

A best Pulse Oximeter brand in India is equipped with emitting diode and photoreceptor diode on the other side. It emits two types of lights, red light and infrared light. 

These lights are emitted from one side and received by photoreceptor diode on the other side. 

These lights are allowed to pass through the tissues. The hemoglobin that is higher in oxygen, absorbs more infrared light and the others absorbs red light. 

A Pulse Oximeter measures how much of these lights are passed to the other side through the tissues. The results are measured in percentage value.

What is the normal hemoglobin saturation in arterial blood?

The hemoglobin is saturated by 95 to 99% with oxygen in arterial blood. Below this level, you need to consult a doctor.

What happens to the SpO2 if the patient stops breathing?

The SpO2 level will decrease because the patient is not receiving the oxygen to saturate appropriately the hemoglobin of our blood.

Why the SpO2 value is found in less in respiratory diseases?

Oxygen makes up approximately 21% of the environmental gases in the air we breathe. Air is breathed into the lungs via the upper airway by the action of the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles
In the alveoli (air sacs of the lung) oxygen passes into the blood combining with hemoglobin.
Arterial blood is pumped to the tissues by the heart. The tissues receive oxygen from hemoglobin in the capillary networks in each organ. 

The cells burn the oxygen, creating carbon dioxide, which is returned to the lungs in venous blood and excreted in the exhaled gas.
A normal blood-oxygen saturation should be at least 95%. In most lung diseases, such as pneumonia, falling saturations accompany other changes, including stiff or fluid-filled lungs, or rising levels of carbon dioxide because the lungs can’t expel it efficiently.

It’s these features that leave us feeling short of breath—not, counter intuitively, low oxygen saturation itself, says Paul Davenport, a respiratory physiologist at the University of Florida.

Types Of Pulse Oximeter?

There are some varieties of best Pulse Oximeter brand in India. The most common type of Pulse oximeter is the fingertip Pulse Oximeter. This is the cheapest one and easy to use. 

Other varieties are worn around your wrist or hand held. These varieties of Pulse Oximeter are little bit costlier and generally used in hospitals.

Wrist pulse Oximeter are used to gather the results of long periods like overnight. Hand held model results are of higher accuracy and programmed to measure heart rate and blood pressure too. These are expensive pulse oximeter.

Why Pulse Oximeters are important?

In this time of pandemic, COVID-19 is spreading very fast. To track the SpO2 level or oxygen in hemoglobin level, best Pulse Oximeter brand in India  is helpful in tracking the symptoms. 

If someone has shortness of breath or have respiratory infections, this device will help you to know the oxygen level and according to that you can determine whether you should wait or consult a physician.
Pulse Oximeters are also helpful for the person who are in home quarantine to evaluate the oxygen level regularly. 

If the SpO2 level falls that is below 90%, you can take immediate decision to consult or admit in a hospital without worsening the situation. 

In this pandemic, people start keeping Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India in the first aid kit to check their oxygen level regularly.

If you are planning to buy a Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India for yourself or for your family, there is a question in mind, which pulse oximeter is good for you? 

There are many pulse oximeter are available in the market, but which one is best, for that you would like to search and choose one from them.

After researching by our team, what is available in the market, here are some other recommended Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India.





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CONTEC LED CMS50M Pulse Oximeter

Newnik Pulse Oximeter (Blue)

BPL Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter 

Dr Trust Professional Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm

Features of Hesley Pulse Oximeter- Best Pulse Oximeter Brand In India

Measure your SPO2 Level Accurately

Hesley, the best pulse Oximeter brand in India measures the peripheral capillary oxygen saturation that is SPO2 level very accurately.
The normal level of SPO2 level of a healthy person is 95 to 98%. If your result is 98%, it means  each RBC, that is Red Blood Cells is made up of 98% oxygenated hemoglobin and 2% non-oxygenated hemoglobin.
Any decrease in the SPO2 level leads to hypoxia, which can damage multiple organ. So, If the result is below 90%, consult a physician immediately.

Measure your Pulse Rate Accurately

This best pulse Oximeter brand in India measures PR rate, Pulse rate very accurately. Pulse rate is equivalent to heart rate. So, in case of any decrease or increase in the PR rate, indicates abnormality in the circulatory system. 
Now a day, you can measure your pulse rate by SMART WATCHES. Many Brands are offering this facility and are very popular among the people who are fitness freaks.

Perfusion Index

Perfusion Index is the ration of pulsatile blood flow with the non-pulsatile blood flow in the peripheral organs. It indicates the strength of blood flow at the sensor site. 
It ranges between 0.02% to 20%. Hesley,the best pulse Oximeter brand in India measures accurately the PI index.

Audio and Visual Alarm

It is programmed with audio visual alarm to indicate the abnormal readings. You can set according to your convenience. 


The light, compact, and sleek design of this best pulse Oximeter brand in India is equipped with the rotating multi directional display.
The results can be read from 4 directions, which making easier to see the results of different fingers or peripheral organs.

12 Memory function

Can store results of the past 12 records. The oldest rest is named as M-12 and the latest is M-1. This facility helps to determine the current status of a person by comparing the results.

OLED Display

This best Pulse Oximeter brand in India is equipped with OLED display. This feature allows you to see the results in any environmental conditions. Either bright light or very low light.
Also, the display is larger, so the people with difficult to see the smaller letter, can easily see the results. 

Hypoallergenic design

Hesley Pulse Oximeter is made up of high quality ABS plastic material with a coating of hypoallergenic latex free material inside the chamber. This coating of the finger chamber makes this device anti-allergic to the people who has sensitive skin.  


Light Weight, Water Resistant, and portable

This Oximeter is very light weight, water resistant, and portable. Lanyard with this device makes it easy to carry. It is designed in such a way to fit in all finger sizes.

Auto Shut Down

Hesley Pulse Oximeter is programmed to auto shut down after 8 seconds  of inactivity to save the battery life. It runs on 2 AAA batteries.

Box Contents 

You will get a Hesely Pulse Oximeter, a Lanyand to carry the pulse Oximeter, 2 AAA batteries, and a user manual.


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