7 Portable Air Sanitizer Spray Machine In India 2021

7 Portable Air Sanitizer Spray Machine In India 2021

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In this pandemic, you should sanitize your hands by a good sanitizer, wear a face mask that can protect you from pollution and harmful pathogens, and maintain a social distancing in every possible moment. 

But, what about your work place, home, gym, or the places where there is a gathering of people. 

For those places, you need a disinfectant sprayer for large spaces, a portable air sanitizer spray machine for small spaces like your room, car, bathroom etc. 

This article will help you to decide which air sanitizer spray machine is suitable for you.  Just have a look..




Check On

Dr. Atom Hybrid Disinfection Atomiser Fog Spray Machine 900W

25 Ratings

Nano Mist Sanitizer Spraying Gun for Office Home Public Places Shopsizer

7 Ratings

1200w Atomizer FOG Disinfection Automatic Sanitizing Machine

23 Ratings

PEACHBERRY Air Freshner Sanitizer Card With Lanyard

15 Ratings

Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer Kills 99.9% Viruses - Removes PM2.5 & Dust - Designed in Japan 

45 Ratings

Pocket Size Pen Sanitizing Spray Pen

4 Ratings

Eyetech Portable Mini Sanitizer Spray Machine for Currency, Car

51 Ratings

Dr Atom Atomizer- Portable Air Spray Sanitizer Machine- Disinfection Machine 900W   


Beautifully designed and elegant look Dr. Atom portable air sanitizer spray machine kills 90% of airborne  microorganisms.  

This portable atomizing disinfectant machine in India is very safe and efficient in removing the odor of living place, workplace, and make the air surrounding you fresh. 

This portable air sanitizer spray machine sprays non- aerosol chemicals, so it is eco-friendly and safe for our ozone layer. This Portable Sanitizer Fogging Machine is ideal for Homes, Offices, Car, Truck, Schools, Clinics, Hospitals, Banks, Courier Services, etc.

This portable air sanitizer spray machine is suitable for the sanitization and purification of air and nearby environments in automobiles and indoor households. 

Dr. Atom air sanitizer spray machine is lightweight and portable, easy to handle and use. It is equipped Multiple control methods. 

Due to the pandemic COVID-19, the need for sanitizing home, office, car, industries, banks, gyms, public places is of more concern.

It is very effective in deep purification and odor elimination of the car. So, after vacuum cleaning of carhome, and workplaces, use this portable air spray sanitizer to get a full pathogen free environment. 

Dr. Atom atomizing disinfectant machine contains Oil tank of capacity 100 ml which can last for 5 minutes  which can reach about 60 square meters. It is equipped with a very powerful motor of 900 watt.

Its power protection switch indicates the low level of oil in the container. Other popular names of this machine in the market: 1. Thermostatic smoke stage Fog Machine 2. Disinfection or Sterilization Fogging Machine. 

Instructions to use:

The container of air spray sanitizer is 100ml. The disinfecting liquid should be used in proper proportion to get an optimum effect.

For High Density Smoke:

  • Alcohol disinfecting liquid/liquid sanitizer: 60ml
  • Glycerol                                                                : 30ml
  • Water                                                                    : 10ml 

 For Medium Density Smoke:

  • Alcohol disinfecting liquid/liquid sanitizer: 70ml
  • Glycerol                                                                : 20ml
  • Water                                                                    : 10ml 

For Low Density Smoke:

  • Alcohol disinfecting liquid/liquid sanitizer: 75ml
  • Glycerol                                                                : 15ml
  • Water                                                                    : 10ml 

This portable air sanitizer spray machine using heat to produce fog or smoke. It takes 3 minutes to heat up and can be used to disinfect your car, homes and offices from bacteria, viruses fungi or other microorganisms. 

It can be used in various sterilization and deodorizing places to make the air fresh and pathogen free. Recommended for small places.

The ready made liquid mixture or chemical can be used also for easy operation.


Dr. Odin odinizer is a mixture of required chemicals in an appropriate amount for the fogging machine. Very easy to use. Just put the liquid in the container of the atomizer, wait for 3-4 minutes to heat up, and you are ready to sanitize your space. So simple is that.

Nexqua Disinfection Nano Spray Gun, Household Sprayer Machine with Blue Light Rapid fogging Large Fog Volume Disinfection for Office, Home, Clothes, Vehicle and School


Get Corona Free Surfaces with this Milford Nano Mist Gun. It is based on the principle of superheated steam, which is produced by 3.3 atmospheric pressures.

This portable air sanitizing sprayer has a strong ability to pressurize the liquid water into a superheated gaseous molecule (130 degrees, 0.26nm in diameter). 

Large container size helps to sanitize longer time in the wider space. The container size is 260ml. Just put the sanitizing chemical in the container and start disinfecting your space. It’s very easy to use. 

 This sanitizer spray machine is fitted with Adjustable Nozzle. You can adjust the density of fog as required. This electric sanitizer spray machine is suitable for suitable for disinfecting places, rooms, shops and houses.

Best fogging liquid for portable air sanitizer spray machine using in this nano mist gun. Buy this fogging machine disinfectant liquid along with this portable air sanitizer spray machine or nano mist gun for optimum results. 



Atomizing 1200w FOG Disinfection Automatic Sanitizing Machine. For Sanitizing Home,Office,Car,Hypermarket and Hotels.


Portable Air Sanitizer Spray Machine
Portable Air Sanitizer Spray Machine
  • This is another one of the best disinfectant spay machines with powerful motor of 1200 Watt.  If you need to sterilize big spaces like club, gym, theatre, schools, etc.,  then this portable air sanitizer spray machine is perfect for you.
  • The Body is made up of stainless steel, so it can be used for a longer period of time.  You can use it continuously with some breaks.
  • This portable air sanitizer spray machine or Disinfection and Sterilization Fogging Machine take 10 minutes to warm up and the tank capacity is 500 ml. 
  • It can be used with stage smoke oil or with disinfectant liquid, which include glycerin. You will get a sample disinfectant liquid with this sanitizer fogging machine.
  • This portable air sanitizer spray machine uses heat to vaporize the oil or disinfectant liquid, so keep some distance from the nozzle at least 0.5 meters.
  • During the heating process, its body gets warmer, so keep out of reach from children and pets. 
  • Before using this portable air sanitizer spray machine, always go through product manuals for complete information.

PEACH BERRY Air Freshener Sterilizer/Sanitizer Card With Lanyard For Kids And Adults, 60 Days Validity   


You can sanitize you work places or homes with the air sanitizer spray machines, but what about when you are outside the workplace or home. How can you protect yourselves by the contamination with other people or airborne pathogens.

For that you need a protection system with you every time when you are out of your protected zone. The Peach berry’s virus block will protect you from the bacteria, fungi, or the germs floating in the air.

 It purifies air effectively by making a shield like environment around 1 cubic meter area around your body. Its sterilization rate is up to 99% and is safer for all age groups. This can be used for 60 days.

It is very easy to use. You can hang it with the Lancard  like ID cards or as pocket clips. Very suitable for the people who are interacting with people full day like in schools, market places, offices, hotels, bars, etc.

How it Works?

Virus block out has a sponge in the pack which is adsorbed by Chlorine oxide. Chlorine Oxide is a potent bacteriostat agent. It is safe and nontoxic disinfectant as per WHO.
It works by releasing chlorine dioxide (ClO2) from the sponge, when it get contact with the acids in the air.
The released chlorine dioxide, due to its bacteriostat property, decreasing the number of microbes in the surrounding air, killing the activities of viruses and allergic agents such as pollens.

Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer, Kills 99% Bacteria, Viruses and Germs, Removes PM 2.5, Smoke, Dust, Bad smell, Air Sanitizer, Deodorizer - Designed in Japan


This portable air sanitizer spray machine kills 99% of airborne bacteria, germs and viruses and make the air fresh.
This portable ionizer sanitizes the air by removing dust, smoke, bad smell, etc. From the air and make the air germ free and breathable.

Very helpful for the peoples suffering from allergies, cough or asthma. This portable air sanitizer spray machine or ionizer removes the toxic substances from the air so that you will breathe fresh and pure air. 

Emits negative ions with vertical air flow. These ions attach with the dust particles or micro particles and make the particles heavy. 

This property of this ionizer makes the air free from micro particles and you will get clean and fresh breathable air. Filter less Purifier.

No oils or disinfectant chemicals required. No maintenance is required. Just buy and use.
Equipped with a USB port. It can start automatically when you start your car. 

Very compact size and elegant look. Can easily fit in small spaces of car, room or office.
Eco-friendly and Safe for children and kids. Perfect for smaller size room areas: 1o square meter

Almost silent operation: Decibel label is less than 30, so it is approximate to the silent operation purifier. Equipped with two speed mode: high and low speed mode.

Pocket Size Pen Sanitizing Spray Bottle for Home, Office, Car, Hypermarket, Hotel Sanitizer Sprayer (Pack of 4)


Smallest portable air sanitizer spray machine.
Easily fits into your pocket just like a pen.
You can do both works. Sanitation and writing. No need of extra space to keep it.
Very useful in flights. Keep always with you and sanitize yourself full day.
Can sanitize hands, keys, door etc. 


Eyetech Portable Mini Sanitizer Spray Machine for Currency, Car, Home, Office, Bank, Mobile Care & Personal Care 


This portable air sanitizer spray machine can be used to sanitize or disinfect Hands, Face, Currency, Car Steering wheel, Key and Door Handle, Cloth, Laptop, Keyboards, Mouse etc. From the airborne germs. 

It is pocket friendly. It is easy to carry and can be sanitized every time. This nano sanitizer spray can be used as facial humidifier also.

This Portable air sanitizer spray machine or Eyetech Nano mist spray machine is equipped with inbuilt rechargeable battery. This nano sanitizer spray machine is USB Rechargeable. 

This Mini Electric Rechargeable Nano Mist spray has a very beautiful appearance and can be used in public places to sanitize hands and clothes.

Hope, the article will help you to buy a perfect portable air sanitizer spray machine or disinfection atomizer fog spray machine for you. For more information, please comment…

Have a Great Day!

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