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best way to lose weight

Best Way To Lose Weight 2021

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Are you tired of dieting? Tired of feeling like a failure? Tired of feeling guilty about eating? Tired of being scared of food? Best Way to lose weight !

you want to lose weight,Best Way to lose weight,  you look in the mirror and you see fat and ugly you’ve heard the obesity fears trumpeted repeatedly in the media 65% of Americans are overweight or obese we don’t know how to eat we’re not exercising enough we’re the first generation that’s gonna die younger than our parents blah blah blah…

So you try one diet after another desperate for the one that will finally save you but they never do at least not in any lasting way face it the D word is dead a new diet isn’t going to get you what 

you want you’ve been there you’ve done that there’s no point in putting yourself through that again even exercise programs don’t deliver decades of research and probably your own personal experience show that the pursuit of weight loss rarely produces the thin happy life.

you dream of but what have you learned that your fears around that dreaded fad were misplaced that overweight may confer some protection that actually results in increased longevity that when factors such as activity.

Nutrition history of dieting weight cycling are considered the relationship between weight and disease disappears that biologic safeguards prevent most people from maintaining weight loss, best way to lose fat, despite vigilant dieting and exercise that the body has a built-in regulatory system to maintain a healthful weight.

If only we trust it remarkably there is substantial evidence to support all of these contentions in the scientific literature consider the science and a new possibility emerges

You didn’t fail you successfully tested many weight loss regimens they failed you food tastes good that’s your biologic reward for nourishing yourself not something to fight or be ashamed of celebrate your hunger. It provides opportunity to take care of yourself support your body naturally finding its appropriate weight by honoring its signals of hunger satiety and appetite.

When you stop fighting yourself achieving and  maintaining the weight that is right for you is effortless your body does the job for you naturally and much more effectively shift your focus from hating yourself and fighting your body to learning to appreciate yourself your body and your life.

 Because, really what’s beneath your weight-loss quest isn’t your ultimate goal to feel better about yourself to feel love acceptance vitality or good health that’s the health at 

every size promise you can feel better about yourself you can feel loved accepted and vital and you can improve your health regardless of whether you lose weight the road to health and happiness is right enough for everyone get the support you . best way to lose fat


I got an interview taken by is proud to bring you an interview with M professor Linda bacon a health professor. She holds graduate degrees and physiology psychology exercise metabolism and has a speciality in nutrition.

She’s an internationally recognized author on topics related to nutrition weight and health and an internationally recognized researcher who’s conducted federally funded studies on diet and health and has been published in top scientific journals. We can know what are the best way to lose weight naturally…

 How did your interest in health at every size ?

I was just trying to get out of my own hell. I think when I was younger, I had this idea that I was too fat and that there was something wrong with being fat and that if only I could find the right diet or exercise plan or do everything right I could get thinner and I believed all these other ideas that not only could I get thinner.

If I did the right thing but then suddenly everybody would love me and I would get the respect of friends and my parents and family. Unfortunately what it did was it just made me kind of obsessed and uncomfortable around food and made me look at

 my body as the enemy and I spent years fighting my body along the way I discovered that though those old ideas that if we just diet right exercise right.

But, somehow we’re gonna have that perfectly thin body and the love of everybody in the world I found out along the way that none of that is true that there’s this whole fantasy it’s built on and what I realized was the trick was to learning how to love myself and that that was the starting point for then being able to take much better care of my body.

How did taking better care of yourself change things everything else seemed to fall into place it was a lot easier to eat in a way that was supportive of a healthy body. Best way to Lose Fat

When you like it and when you’re looking at food is you know something to nourish yourself and to feel good about takes away all the food as medicine stuff and allows you to eat better and appreciate food more well. Best way to lose fat..

It started out personal turned into a very academic journey as well because I had to learn the science for how to do all of this I know you’ve had many important turning points in this journey. 

Let me just tell you one that really shook up my whole faith in academics as providing us with the answers that 

we need a steward member this day was June 1998 and one night 29 million Americans went to bed in perfectly healthy bodies but they woke up fat with a medical diagnosis that they were supposed to get some help like go on diets or take drugs as the best way to lose weight.

What happened was of course not that everybody gained weight overnight but that was the day that the United States lowered the obesity standards so that suddenly all these people 

that were in the category that was previously called normal weight were suddenly in either overweight or obese categories then their doctors were supposed to tell them  to go lose weight and put them on diets  or drugs or something else at the time.

 I  was hard at work for my PhD dissertation which was all about weight and health and I was just shocked that the US government would have lowered the standards so 

I called somebody who happened to be on the National Institute of Health panel for the obesity task force that had made the recommendation to the government to lower the BMI standard and 

I asked her you know how come you did this and it wasn’t too hard for me to have access to her because she happened to me my PhD mentor at the time and she said I know that you’ve been studying all of this stuff and that you you have to be writing this up for your dissertation right now.

She said how about if you just hand in what you’ve been working on for me and what I’d like you to do is to pretend that you were on the panel in my stead so I want you to gather all the 

data that you’ve done together and figure out what you think is the most important stuff we should have analyzed to figure out the relationship between weight and health and what your recommendation would be based on that data you’ve gathered.

Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

That whole idea that obesity is killing us we actually look at the data and what we find is that the vast majority of studies that are looking at weight and longevity actually finds that people in the 

overweight category are the people that live the longest and that people at most levels of what we call obesity are living at least this long if not longer than people that are in that normal weight category then we also look at other myths.

Like the whole idea that if you’re heavier that that causes disease and what we find there is that while it’s certainly true that there are some diseases that are more commonly found

 among heavier people when you start to  dissect it you find that it’s issues other than weight that play a larger causative role and that wave itself is relatively benign.

I’m not going to say it doesn’t play any role its role in health is very wildly exaggerated and that t here’s a lot of other things that we have much more control over that play a role in health like fitness levels and stress levels and disc nation and things like that then can you tell me more about your first book health at every size the surprising  truth about your weight.

It talks about the academic arguments and the second half is all just supporting people in how to find the habits that are going to support you in being able to enjoy and appreciate your body make good food choices etc like the more recent book it also 

breaks down a lot of the myths and helps people to understand things like the idea that diets don’t work and they’re just not designed to work that the whole idea that we can cognitively control our weight you know that we can just decide.

Well I’m going to eat less and that’s going to result in losing weight it’s just not supported by science what we know when we study it scientifically is that when people drop their calories and do try to control their weight and there are a lot of people 

who have great willpower and can actually do that that. The body responds oftentimes by just cutting the amount of calories it spends and compensating so if you eat less it just spends less and eating less might actually result in you gaining weight as opposed to losing weight.

Once people understand more about the science they can recognize that they’re not failures at dieting that it’s dieting that fails us diets basically tell us not to trust our bodies what would you say to that one of the things. We also know is that your body does have a very successful weight regulation system built in your body is gonna guide 

you to eating well and exercising regularly and it’s gonna tell you when to eat and when to stop eating and the more you can get in sync with yourself and just respect that you allow your body to take care of your weight and your weight will naturally fall at a place that’s good for you. Best Way to lose weight

We’re all designed differently and our some of us are just meant to be heavier and it is so much more fun to do that rather than fight yourself all the time it sounds like what I think as being body wise and perfect size the size that’s naturally right for you biologically set up to get rewarded by eating food tastes good that makes sense comes from an evolutionary perspective we didn’t eat.

we would die so it was nice if we can just celebrate that as opposed to thinking that our hunger Drive is something that’s going to destroy us and bad and that we’re supposed to keep in check. we suggested to women that they can trust themselves and we supported them in dumping the diet habit that they’ve had all their lives and instead learning how to get back to all of those innate signals.

we found some pretty phenomenal things what we found is that when women give up dieting that no they don’t gain weight but instead they gain a sense of agency and appreciation for food again and that they take on better habits what’s interesting too is that 

we were able to support women in eating more nutritious foods but they weren’t eating them because they were on a diet or because they were supposed to eat their fiber they were eating them because this is what they were drawn to and what they wanted you know.

We hope to make help people make the connections between what foods help them to feel good in the  traditional nutrition world you tell everybody to eat their fruits and veggies because they’re high in fiber and fiber is good for you and so then fruits and veggies become like medicine that you’re supposed to eat all right but instead what we do is we support people in finding out how foods affect them and what helps them to feel good .Best Way to lose weight

When women can start to make the connections to the fact that when they don’t need any fiber they’re constipated and they’re uncomfortable and they don’t sustain their energy throughout the day on the other hand when they eat foods that are high in fiber there are less Moody and

 they have more sustained energy more comfortable bowel movements that there it just feels better and for these reasons then they gravitate towards foods that contain fiber and then they look for things that contain fiber that are really enjoyable to them so that’s also going to support them in eating well the results of our research study.

That the research has been replicated by many other people consistently show that when you dump the diet habit and instead you just key into your body that you can learn to regain sensitivity to all of those cues it guides you to doing a better job nutritionally

 and also most importantly I think it guides you to enjoy food more  under you also did some health outcome measures what were your findings there all of this stuff is pretty dramatic health improvements we saw improvements in self-esteem.

We saw improvements in blood pressure, improvements in HDL levels that’s a cholesterol carrier in the bloodstream and it was pretty exciting to see that not just psychological improvements and behavioral improvements but also many physiologic improvements and can you tell us about the health of every size movement pays that every size movement was thriving long before

 I ever came on to the scene and I’m actually a late comer to it but I think that one thing that I’ve done is I’ve helped to put it on the map more but there’s a thriving health at every size movement and there’s people who have been looking at health at every size

 from a lot of different perspectives there’s even a professional trade organization called Asda the Association precise diversity and health there are thousands of people around the world right now fitness trainers physicians dieticians psychotherapists attorneys etc that are all working from this model, Best Way to lose weight.

The basic model is all just about helping people to respect the bodies that they’re in and take good care of them and also to name the fact that we live in a culture which doesn’t provide that support and that weight stigma is a really big problem that gets in

the way of people being able to take good care of themselves and then do they think the streets are huge can you speak to that there’s research that shows that when people feel bad about themselves they’re more likely to binge eat there’s research studies that show that if you don’t like your body and then you’re less likely to exercise and people that lead hard lives.

You know that this gets embedded in us on a cellular level your body for example releases a lot of cortisol which is a stress hormone releasing a lot of cortisol can result in increased risk for heart disease for diabetes and for many of the diseases that we tend to blame on obesity in fact I would say that there’s a much stronger connection between weight stigma causing the diseases that 

we blame on weight then there is for weight itself being problematic so how do we go about making these changes Linda it seems like we always have to be working at on both levels on the 

one hand we have to recognize that discrimination is not okay and we’ve got to move more towards cultural change of respecting people in whatever body that they have doesn’t mean that everybody’s in a body that’s at the perfect weight for them but what it does mean is that regardless of whether you’re at a weight that’s good for you or not.

That you can start from a place of just living in that body that you have and taking good care of it while we’re working for cultural change we also have to figure out so how do individuals make it in this world that isn’t so respectful.

So people can also at the same time be developing their own skills for being able to manage this unfair world you know for being able to recognize that their bodies are not the problem the culture is the problem. We need to find more places 

where we can celebrate people in whatever bodies they have you know increase the images of of what it means to be beautiful out there in the world so that it’s not just about thin bodies but we can also see the beauty in larger bodies

We need to bust those stereotypes that good things only happen to think people and recognize that there are lots of people in larger bodies that are living fulfilled happy lives very successful. 

You’ve got a lot to provide resources for large people one of my goals is to provide as much supportive material for people to be able to make this size acceptance journey appendix the health and every size.

You’ll find letters that you can take to your doctor to your fitness trainer to your teachers at schools to school administrators to people in public office that are short a bullet point arguments to help them to change the paradigm then do the awesome

 changes happening at the moment in the dieting industry on–they we have two parallel ideas happening right now on the one hand we promote dieting and 

there’s a lot of people that are trying it and on the other hand there’s also this some there’s also this theme that comes out in media a lot that diets don’t work and there’s challenge to it and it seems like both are happening simultaneously and

 the way the diet industry is responded to it is they’re basically just co-opting the vocabulary of the non-diet movement and say oh yeah diets don’t work that’s why we’re a healthy lifestyle plan instead and so places like Weight Watchers for example are now.

Trying to just use new vocabulary for the same old stuff there’s cracks in the armor right now you know there’s enough out there that’s challenging this idea of dieting at the same time that people aren’t ready to give up dieting and I think that

 this is how paradigm shifts happen that for a while you hear both movements asserting themselves and then there’s a point where you realize that they can’t peacefully coexist that this is actually a paradigm shift.

That it’s not a different way of doing things that what we’re saying is the old ideas just don’t work and that they’re not designed to work but I also think that dieting plays on people’s vulnerabilities and 

fears that so many people believe that there’s something wrong with their bodies and that they’ll get so much more if they have thinner  bodies that it’s really hard to let goof kind of a lifeline that they think.

Dieting can connect them to their dreams what we have to do is help people to see that they can get their dreams because really what people are looking for is they’re looking to be happy right and they’re told that thinness is the way to do it and what we have to help people to see that there’s lots of ways to be happy you don’t have to do it through thinness and it’s much more achievable.

If you try to get at it directly as opposed to using weight as a mediator right but what we know is that they don’t have to give up on their dreams they can get everything that they’re looking for but that the journey to getting it is very different from what they’ve been led to believe it off of is that they’re telling people the only way to get your dreams is through this diet and they exploit people’s insecurities.

The fact that we don’t have what we’re looking for is not because people haven’t tried to diet they haven’t tried to do the things they’ve been told to do there are a lot of really good dieters out there dieting just doesn’t deliver  about all that internal wisdom that

 says that that’s not the answer but what the diet industry tells us is don’t trust ourselves trust them and so we need to take our power back and we need to recognize you know that we’ve got the answers they don’t there’s not a commercial fix for this dilemma that we’re all in now one of the things. 

I thought, the interview of Prof Linda Becon will guide you the Best way to Lose Fat. 

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