7 Best Air Cooler In India to Beat the Heat 2021

7 Best Air Cooler In India to Beat the Heat 2021

Are you in search of affordable and Best Selling Air Cooler In India for home? In this article, you will get a brief idea about  the Best Selling Air Cooler In India for home which is best seller in different online sites and also in local retail market.  

Before buying a best air cooler so that you could easily use for 7 to 8 years with very less maintenance, you should know some facts. Air Coolers are one of the best alternative of Air Conditioners.

1.       Room size versus cooling capacity of the air cooler.

2.       Water Tank Capacity

3.        Cooling pads

Before knowing the above facts regarding Best Air Coolers In Indian Market, you should know, how does air cooler works? Air coolers are following the very natural principle of cooling similar to a breeze.

 If you pass across a lake, the breeze lowers the temperature by mixing the evaporated water in the air and has a relaxing effect on nearby peoples. In this similar way, an air cooler cools the air by mixing evaporated water into the air. 

This evaporated air mixes  with the air of the room and drops the room temperature, which we want in the summer to beat the heat.

1.       What would be the capacity of an air cooler for your room size?

You can calculate the capacity of an air cooler by a very easy technique. Here i am enclosing a form. Just fill the credentials, you will get the result.



2.       What would be the recommended water tank capacity?

 For personal use that is in small room size, water tank capacity of 20 to 30 liter is    recommended, while  for larger space areas, 31 to 50 liter is sufficient but greater water take is better. 

3.       What is cooling pads?

Cooling pads of an air cooler has an important role in cooling. These pads absorb water and allow air to flow through them, which results in cooling effect.  You need to choose a thicker cooling pad for better cooling effect. There are two types of cooling pads:

#Aspen pads: Aspen pads made up of wood shavings and synthetic fibers.  These pads are thinner, cheaper and less durable.

#Honeycomb pads: Honeycomb pads are comparatively thicker, a little bit costly and durable.

Honeycomb pads are recommended for better cooling effect.  So choose your Best Air Coolers In Indian Market with honeycomb pads.

Now it’s time to select the handpicked best seller air coolers in India.

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-litres Personal Air Cooler

Specifications & Features

  • Best Selling Air Cooler In India
  • Capacity: 36 Litres
  • Ideal for room size of upto 150 Sq Ft. 
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 45.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 82.0 cm
  • Honeycomb cooling media
  • Easily removable pads
  • 3 Side cooling pad for enhanced performance
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility
  • 3 way speed control
  • Quite Performance
  • Four way air deflection
  • Power: 100 Watts
  • Operating voltage: 230 V
  • Works of Inverter: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Package Include: 1 Cooler
  • For more information, call on toll free number  18001025963

Symphony Sumo 75 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 75-litres

Specifications & Features

  • Capacity: Large 75 Litres
  • Coverage Area: Ideal for room size up to 110 cubic meters 
  • Warranty: 1 year on manufacturing defects.
  • One of the Best Selling Air Cooler In India.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • Control Panel: Dial knob controls
  • Power Consumption: 185 watts (also works on inverter power)
  • Operating voltage: 230 V/50 Hz 
  • Package Includes: 
  • 1 unit air cooler
  • 4 unit castor wheels
  •  4 unit legs (Legs & wheels comes in a separate package)

Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Cooler

Specifications & Features

  • Extra Large Ice Chamber
  • Auto-swing louvers for 4 way air deflection
  • Water drain plug for easy cleaning
  • Best Selling Air Cooler In India.
  • 5 castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Rust free and easy to wipe and clean
  • Auto drain switch
  • Air throw distance : 55 ft
  • Air delivery: 5500 m3/hr

Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler

Specifications & Features

  • Capacity: 75 Litres
  • Ideal for room size of up to 550 Sq Ft.
  • One of the Best Selling Air Cooler In India.
  • Effective Honeycomb Cooling Pads
  • Air Speed control
  • Air Delivery: 46000 m3/hr
  • Air throw up to 52 ft
  • Number of Speeds: 3
  • Number of Castor Wheels : 4
  • Water Level Indicator: Yes
  • Power: 190 Watts; Operating voltage: 230 V
  • Warranty: 1 year

iBELL DESIRE20P Air Cooler 20-Litre 3 Speed Inverter Compatible

Specifications & Features

  • Water Tank Capacity : 20 Litres
  • 3 speed control & swing options.
  • Wider & larger window for better air spread
  • Transparent water indicator to measure the exact water level in the tank
  • 4 caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Low power consumption
  • One of the Best Selling Air Cooler In India.
  • Works on inverter
  • Powerful air throw with auto swing
  • Honeycomb pad
  • Ice Chamber
  • Multi-Directional Wheels for Easy Portability
  • Rpm -1350

Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler

Specifications & Features

  • Water Tank Capacity: Large 31 litres
  • Empty water tank alarm
  • Coverage Area: Ideal for room size up to 50 cubic meters.
  • One of the Best Selling Air Cooler In India.
  • Honeycomb cooling pad
  • Auto Shut-off: SMPS technology
  • Control Panel: User-friendly touch with a full-function remote and system restore function
  • Product Dimensions (LxBxH): 500mm x 380 mm x 915 mm
  • Power Consumption: 185 watts (also works on inverter power)

Table Top Mini Air Conditioner

Specifications & Features

  • Utilizing evaporative technology
  • Rounded edges for flawless integration and smooth feel
  • It is a Rexez product
  • Multi functional : Cools, humidifies, and purifies for better air. 
  • Can plug in USB to use
  • Easy-fill Water tank lasts up to 8 hours!
  • Freon free, energy efficient &        ecofriendly.
  • Changeable Light Modes.

Accessories For The Best Selling Air Cooler In India.

Hope this article will help you to select the Best Air Coolers In Indian Market. For more information, please comment…

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