7 Best Nebulizer For Babies In India 2021

7 Best Nebulizer For Babies In India 2021

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Are you or your kids are suffering from asthma, COPD, Allergies, or other respiratory disorders? If yes, Nebulizer is the best solution that should be used after consultation with your family physician. There are many nebulizers are available in market. But, for an infant, it is very difficult to find which is the best nebulizer for infant to get quick results. I listed here the affordable and Best Nebulizer For Babies in India. 

Omron NEC 301 Duo Baby 2 in 1 Compressor Nebulizer & Nasal Aspirator, Alleviates Congestion with Complete Respiratory Solution


Omron, one of the manufacturer of best nebulizer brand in India, introducing Omron NEC 301 Duo Baby. It is the latest, specially designed, and best nebulizer for babies in India.

Its unique 2 in 1 compressor nebulizer with an integrated nasal aspirator, is very effective in babies to reduce their respiratory disorders.

The integrated nasal aspirator gently cleans the baby’s nose, reducing congestion, and allows the baby to breathe freely.Best Nebulizer For Babies In India

The nasal aspirator also helps to reduce the risk of further lung infection by the process of unblocking the nose.

Omron NEC 301 Duo Baby is equipped with a storage compartment to store accessories of the nebulizer. 

It is very easy to use and clean. Just put all the accessories after Nebulization in the warm water with some antibiotic, leave some minutes and take it out. That’s it.

Omron NEC 301 Duo Baby is safe & suitable for ages one month and up. So, this is the best choice for the person who are searching for nebulizer suitable for all ages. This Best nebulizer for babies in India is specially designed for babies.

Dr Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit


Dr. Trust, an another manufacturer of best nebulizer in India. Its Compressor Nebulizer machine is the best selling nebulizer brand in India. 

It is equipped with flow adjuster. It means, Dr. trust nebulizer deliver mist of medication depends upon the need. Nebulization can be adjusted between 0.5 to 5 ml/min.

Its chamber capacity of 8 ml, that is sufficient for one cycle of Nebulization. This nebulizer is one of the best nebulizer for babies in India. For babies, a separate mask is included within the pack.Best Nebulizer For Babies In India

The average Nebulization rate is more than 0.3 Ml/Minutes and is designed by RespiRight technology. It is very handy in usage with low noise.

Dr.Trust compressor nebulizer facilitates adequate and complete inhalation of varied kind of respiratory medications. This best nebulizer of babies in India converts the drug into an aerosol mist, as every nebulizer does, which can reach deep into the lungs with maximum absorption. 

The RespiRight technology ensures minimum wastage of a medication, when breathe out.

Control D Piston Compressor Complete Kit Nebulizer with Child and Adult Masks


Control D Piston compressor nebulizer is a portable and lightweight nebulizer. It is effective for both adults and children. Very easy one-button operation. 

Best Nebulizer For Babies In IndiaControl D chamber capacity is about 5 ml.

Package contents:  

  1. 1 Nebulizer,
  2. 1 air tube,
  3. 1 medicine chamber,
  4. 1 adult mask & 1 child mask.
If you are searching for cheaper option in Nebulizer, this is the best one among cheapest nebulizer in India.

Nuwik Professional Series Piston Compressor Nebulizer Machine for Adults and Kids with complete Mask Kit and Carry Bag


A Nuwik Piston Compressor nebulizer is ideal for All Ages. It is very effective in the treatment of respiratory disorders like Asthma, Cough, COPD, or other lower respiratory disorders.

It’s very fast and Efficient Respiratory Therapy with effective medication delivery. A Nuwik piston compressor nebulizer is one of the best nebulizer for babies in India with elegant design and Low Noise Level.

The pack includes:Best Nebulizer For Babies In India

  1. Nebulizer Machine.
  2. Unique Medicine Chamber with Baffle.
  3. Air Tube.
  4. Adult & Child Mask.
  5. Mouth Piece, Carry Bag.
  6. Easy to Use: One-button Operation.
  7. Suitable for adults and children.
  8. Latex-free & Easy to Clean.
  9. Light Weight & Compact, Easy to Carry.

Omron Nebulizer Microair NE-U100 Portable Pocket Sized 360 Degree Silent Mesh Nebulizer (White)


Omron Microair NE-U100 portable pocket sized nebulizer is one of the best nebulizer for babies in India. It works on mesh technology. Best Nebulizer For Babies In India

You can use it in any position either sleeping or sitting with 360-degree operation. Omron Microair NE-U100 is very easy to use. It is handheld and pocket sized. You can carry it during travel also.

This portable pocket sized nebulizer is powered by 2 AA batteries. It is very effective in delivering medicines. 

This best nebulizer for babies generate mist of ultrafine particles of 4.5 micrometers. This size can easily reach the lower respiratory organs and give quick results.

Virtually silent operation and easy to clean. Price is little bit higher than other models, but this portable pocket sized nebulizer is the best.

Dr Trust Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer Machine Cool Mist Inhaler for Children and Adults


Dr. Trust Portable ultrasonic Mesh nebulizer is very effective for kids and the adults. Its portable size facilitates easy carrying and you can use it while travelling. Best Nebulizer For Babies In India

This portable best nebulizer for babies in India is lightweight of 98grams and easily accommodates in your pocket or carry bag.

Dr. Trust portable nebulizer is equipped with a detachable medication chamber of 10ml capacity, that is sufficient for one cycle of Nebulization.

This portable nebulizer can be operated through two modes. First with two AA batteries and second with the USB cables.

This USB powered portable nebulizer is very silent in operation. This life saving best nebulizer for babies in India work at 30db of sound and causes low to no disturbance.

Its average Nebulization rate is 0.25 ml/min and the ultrasonic mist size is approximately 5 microns, that is very effective for the people suffering from lower respiratory disorders.

It is very easy to clean. If you are travelling and suffering from respiratory disorders, this Dr. Trust portable mesh nebulizer is best budget nebulizer for you.

Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer For Child and Adult With Virtual Valve Technology


Omron C28 is a Compressor Nebulizer. This Best Nebulizer For Babies In India is suitable for both adults, children, and infants. 

Omron C28 generate mist of ultrafine particles sized 5 microns, that can easily reach the destination organ very easily and recover from the problem very quickly. Its nebulization rate is 0.40 mm/minute.

It is very light weight of approximately 2kgs, so this best nebulizer for babies in India is easy to carry and use.

OMRON NE-C28 Compressor Nebulizer is featured with Virtual Valve Technology(VVT) for the successful treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies and other respiratory disorders.

This best nebulizer for babies in India is highly effective by the treatment of the lower respiratory disorders like Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.

What you get:

  1. An Omron C28 Nebulizer.
  2. Air tubes.
  3. 5 pieces replacement filters.
  4. Mouthpiece.
  5. Adult mask and child mask.
  6. Instruction manual and carrying bag.

What is a Nebulizer?

The Nebulizer is specially designed for the treatment of lower airways like asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), chronic bronchitis, allergies, and other respiratory disorders.

The nebulizer turns liquid medicines into aerosol droplets. It delivers medicines in the form of aerosol droplets directly to the targeted organ.

Types Of Nebulizer?
There are different types of nebulizers:

1. Mesh,
2. Compressor,
3. Ultrasonic.

Compressor Nebulizer is:

  1. Easy to use,
  2. Suitable for children,
  3. Supports almost all types of medications,
  4. Very reliable and the most important is affordable
    Best nebulizer for babies in india.

Mesh Nebulizer is portable, silent, simple to use but it’s more expensive and requires thorough cleaning especially the mesh elements.

The last one Ultrasonic Nebulizer. An ultrasonic nebulizer uses a high frequency of vibrations and thus transforming the medication into a fine mist. By using an ultrasonic nebulizer, medicine can be delivered more quickly in comparison to the previous two methods and reduces the symptoms faster as well.

The nebulizer machine provides them with ease to inhale the medications. Nebulizer Machine helps in healing respiratory conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Pulmonary infection, Bronchial Asthma, Acute bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Small Airway disease, and many more.

Now, it’s time to know who are the manufacturers in the nebulizer machine market. Here is the list of manufactures who are manufacturing the best nebulizer in India for home use are:

OMRON Healthcare
DeVilbiss Healthcare,
Philips Respironics
Timesco Healthcare
Dr. Trust
MABIS Healthcare
AMG Medical
JK Medical Systems
PARI Respiratory Equipment

How to wash and clean the parts of the best nebulizer for babies in India?

The nebulizer needs cleaning and maintenance to keep it in working properly.

Compressor filters eventually become dirty and channels get clogged. Also, the tubing, masks, and mouthpieces will degrade over time. It’s essential to clean your best nebulizer in for infants and adults, replace parts, and check for dysfunctional components to make the most of your nebulizer treatments. Here are some of the basics:

Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer for cleaning your nebulizer, parts, and accessories.

 Do not use the best nebulizer for babies in India masks longer than recommended, even if they seem fine. Some disposable accessories are meant to be thrown away after 5 to 7 uses, while the regular mask of child and adult nebulizer can be used for up to 6 months.

  •  The nebulizer filter recommended changing when it appears gray or dirty. In a regular time interval as instructed on the user’s manual, the filter should be changed to avoid nebulizer work harder.
  • Outside of the tube should be cleaned properly and replace the tube as recommended in the user manual.



After product research, our team found that Omron NEC 301 DuoBaby is the best nebulizer for babies in India. It’s specially designed nasal aspirator make it unique. The integrated nasal aspirator of Omron NEC 301 DuoBaby gently cleans the baby’s nose, reducing congestion, and allows the baby to breathe freely. Others are also good.

Please comment below if you need more buying suggestions regarding the best nebulizer for babies in India or adults.

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