10 Best  Selling Trimmer India 2021

10 Best Selling Trimmer India 2021

The trimmer is one of the essential lifestyle equipment for daily life.  Today, I would like to review the best selling online trimmer in India. This product guide will help you to take the decision to buy one of the best selling trimmer India

Before buying a trimmer, you should need to consider some points, like Brand, Accessories included with the trimmer, different trim settings, Corded or cordless operation, Battery charge time, Battery Backup, Blade material, Travel lock facility and lastly but not the least price.

There are many brands available in the market. The main players in the market are Philips, Mi and Panasonic.  These brands are manufacturing different variations of trimmers. 

Before buying, we should take a close look on the accessories included with the trimmer pack. For example Hair Clipping Comb, Beard Comb, Stubble Comb, Mini Foil Shaver, Detail Trimmer, Nose Trimmer etc. 

More the accessories you have, more comfortable you are while using the best selling trimmer India.

There are different trimmer settings available. Some trimmers  will provide you up to adjustable 39 trim settings. So, depending upon your need, you should choose one of the best selling trimmer India.

Trimmers are corded  or cordless mode. For easy operation, cordless trimmers are preferred. Before buying one of the best selling trimmer India, 

You should also know the battery backup time and charging time of cordless mode trimmers. Prefer longer battery back up and quick charging trimmers available.

The power buttons of trimmers are generally very soft pushing. This quality is very impressive, but when you are travelling, this facility can drain your trimmer’s battery with just a simple touch of the power button. So, before buying, you should check the best selling trimmers in India with travel lock facility or not. Always prefer travel lock facility trimmers.

The blades of the trimmers should be of stainless steel or of very tough coating of metals like titanium for longer durability and longer stability of sharpness of the blades. Lubricate the blades with lubricants continue to work smoothly. Coconut oil is a good choice for lubrication of trimmer blades.

And after checking all these features of best selling trimmer India, you would like to know the price. What is the price trimmer? For that, I listed below the best reviewed and best selling trimmer India. Please take a look, I believe you will like your dream trimmer within your budget.  


Philips Norelco Qg3364/42 Multigroom Beard Trimmer


  • All-In-One Face And Head Styling.
  • Full-Size Metal Guard Trimmer.
  • Hair Clipping Comb, Beard Comb, Stubble Comb.
  • Mini Foil Shaver, Detail Trimmer And Nose Trimmer.
  • Chromium Steel Self-Sharpening Blades.
  • Rounded Blade Tips And Comb Prevents Skin Irritation. 
  • 18 Built-In Length Settings.
  • Equipped with Turbo Power that Helps You Trim Through Thick Hair Evenly And Gently.


Panasonic Er-Gb60-K Ac Rechargeable Trimmer For Men


  • Panasonic Hair And Beard Trimmer.
  • 39 Adjustable Trim Settings.
  • Two Comb Attachments For Beard And Hair.
  • Corded Or Cordless Operation.
  •  One of the Best Trimmer Brand In India.

Philips BT3215/15 cordless beard trimmer(Black by PHILIPS


  • Most successful best selling trimmer India.
  • DuraPower technology for a longer lasting battery life
  • 60 minutes of cordless use or plug it in.
  • Skin-friendly blades for smooth skin.
  • 20 lock-in length settings, 0.5 – 10 mm.
  • Detachable head for easy cleaning.
  • Ergonomic design for easier handling.
  • Superior cutting performance with titanium-coated blades.

Remington BHT 2000 A Bodyguard Body Hair Trimmer (Silver)


  • Titanium coated blades – Revolutionary Trimming Technology.
  • Wheel control: Adjusts comb for 5 length settings.
  • Dual foil groomer attachment for irritation free hair removal.
  • Washable/shower proof.
  • Use wet/dry.
  • It’s rechargeable. 


Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer for men Corded & Cordless with Quick Charging & Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Blade – 5 Adjustable Combs


  • Large titanium coated T-Shaped blades.
  • Sturdy ABS combs that don’t rattle.
  • Better comb locking mechanism.
  • Self-sharpening blade edge that give you the perfect trim
  • Runs on a smartphone like Lithium ion battery.
  • Back up of  90-120 minutes of cordless usage time.
  • Fast charging time of just 60 minutes.
  • Sleek body design that gives you a better grip.
  • LCD battery indicator. 

Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 3 Trimming Combs (Lime Green)


  • Unique One Blade can style, trim and shave.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Battery back up of 45 minutes.
  • Water resistant: Can be used wet or dry.
  • Each blade lasts up to 4 months.
  • Rechargeable handle.
  • 3 trimming combs 1, 3 and 5 mm.
  •  best selling trimmer India.

Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer with Fast Charging - 40 length settings


  • Well known Best Trimmer Brand In India
  • Self sharpening stainless steel blades with skin friendly rounded tips.
  • 40 length settings with 0.5 mm precision.
  • Fully washable body for easy cleaning.
  • Versatile corded and cordless usage options.
  • Ultra powerful battery – up to 90 minutes of cordless usage.
  • 2 hour charge time.
  • Unique quad edge design to reach tough spots effortlessly.
  • Equipped with travel lock facility and very handy travel pouch included.
  • 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.
  • Blades with lubricant coating.


Philips Norelco Bg 2000 Body Groom Replacement Beard Trimmer Shaver Foil Compatible


  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • Can accommodate body groom Models like: BG2000 BG2020, 2030, and 2040.
  • For use in the Philips Norelco Body groom exclusively.
  • To replace foil, simply pull used foil out of Body groom handle and snap new foil in place.
  • Trim & Shave foil should be replaced every 6 – 12 months.
  •  Best selling trimmer India

Lifelong LLPCM07 Beard Trimmer for Men with Quick Charge and Charge Indicator, One Year Warranty (Black)


  • Life long quick charge trimmer.
  • Length Adjustment: The trimmer can trim between 0.4-10 mm.
  • Stainless steel blades ensure precise trim throughout.
  • Battery back up:  60 minutes with continuous usage.
  • Requires 2 hours to get charged fully.
  • Washable head and comb.
  • Stainless steel blade.
  • Cord and cordless usage.
  • Charge Indicator.


Philips BT1210 Cordless Beard Trimmer (Black) by PHILIPS


  • Well known most successful Best Trimmer Brand In India 
  • Dura Power technology.
  • 4x longer battery life.
  • Charging: USB charging , 8 hours full charge.
  • Stainless Steel Blades for long-lasting sharpness.
  • Run time : 30 minutes.
  • Operation : Cordless use
  • Precision (size of steps): By 1 mm.


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